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You have questions, we have answers.

Is there a cost for my son to attend Green Tech?

Tuition is free. Spaces are limited so be sure to enroll quickly. Students that miss enrollment will be placed on a waiting list and given priority for the next school year.

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How do I enroll?

For your convenience, we've created an online enrollment form that you can complete from your phone or desktop. Once you've submitted that information, we will quickly send you a form for other materials by mail. If you have any trouble with the form, go ahead and email us at and we'll send you a complete paper enrollment form ASAP.

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Who can attend Green Tech High Charter School?


Similar to magnet schools charter schools are public institutions chosen by parents. Students entering the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade with proper documentation may be eligible to attend Green Tech High Charter School.


We also are accepting applications for 6th graders.

We have students from all over the Greater Albany area. 

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What is your address?

We are located at 99 Slingerland Avenue, Albany NY. 

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What is College Prep?


College Readiness and Preparation. 

A college-prep philosophy remains at the forefront of our work here at Green Tech High Charter School. With that in mind, we begin preparation with our students when they enter GTH.


While our freshmen are exploring the plethora of college options available to them, our sophomores are discovering the requirements for these schools. Sophomores are also preparing themselves for the testing requirements in college by attempting the PSATs a year early. Our juniors are delving into all intricacies of matching themselves to a “College Fit” and to that end, attend all programs created for our current seniors to prepare them for their upcoming year.


Programs include: financial aid nights, college access days, college fairs and advisories specifically catered to the nuts and bolts of the college application process.

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Does my child have to wear a uniform?


All students are required to wear a uniform. Students are required to wear black or khaki slacks, uniform shirts, and they may wear any kind of sneakers. Boots are not permitted indoors. Cargo pants and jeans are prohibited, and hoodie sweatshirts are not allowed. Student uniform shirts vary in color according to their grade level. 

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Where do I purchase a uniform?


Pants may be purchased anywhere you desire. Our uniform shirts are purchased at B Lodges or Faith Creative Names in downtown Albany only after a student is enrolled.

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How do students get to school?


Albany students are provided with CDTA 3-month swipers as long as they live 1.5 miles away from the school. Students from Troy, Ravena and Lansingburgh are bussed as long as they are registered within their respective district. All other students who live in surrounding districts receive monthly swipers provided by the school.

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Are there entrance exams?

There are no entrance exams required to attend Green Tech High Charter School. Once your son is enrolled, we do a placement test to assess his needs and ensure our educational approach fits him.

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What is the student-teacher ratio?


Classes are small. With fewer than 400 students in our 9th-12th grade classes, we offer students a learning environment with about a 10:1 ratio.

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What athletic programs do you offer? 

We have a number of opportunities for the student-athlete! We currently offer football, basketball, track, and baseball. 

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Do you have extra-curricular activities and programs?

From our e-Sports team to our Construction Lab, we offer many exciting programs that will allow your son to explore things that ignite his passion and give him memories to last a lifetime. We have a marching band and drumline, a recording studio where students can learn how to create original recordings. We have a barbershop program, an honors society, offer graphic design and an anime club. Your son will have no shortage of opportunities to learn and have fun when you enroll him at Green Tech.

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