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Green Tech High student's National Honors Society Induction
Green Tech High National Honor Society induction ceremony 2019.

Many young men in the Albany area test at a 4th grade reading level when they enter High School. This means not only are they ill-equipped for access to all the opportunities life offers, they face a much harder time in graduating. 


Green Tech High Charter School prepares students in grades 6 - 8 for the rigors of a Regents Diploma. We work diligently to ensure that young boys graduating from middle school are ready to excel in high school.  It is one of the most important jobs we have as educators and is one of the things most critical to predicting a young man’s success and upward mobility.

Young men who are enrolled in High School at Green Tech are prepared to graduate with a Regents Diploma. In the U.S. and even in New York State, less than 60% of Black and brown young men will graduate high school. We have a graduation track record on par with private schools. Greater than 95% of our students graduate every year and our student alumni has single-handedly pulled down over $15 million in college scholarships.

Green Tech 6 grade boys in uniform at their desks

Our 6th grade boys from Green Tech Class of 2026.

A young man in Green Tech graduation cap and gown

Course Offerings

From Math, Science and Technology to Literature, Social Studies, Arts and Languages, Green Tech teachers are dedicated to our students’ success both in and out of the classroom. Students are enrolled in the core curriculum classes and also expand their education and interests through various elective courses. Green Tech High offers Honors classes and Advanced Placement classes at Hudson Valley Community College based on academic level and faculty permission.

We believe that our students deserve every edge we can give them, including extracurricular programs like our new eSports Varsity Team. eSports leagues provide yet another way for Albany young men to have access to scholarships where they can further the strong education they acquire at Green Tech.


Green Tech High Charter School strives to hire the most dedicated and qualified teachers who uphold our mission of graduating all of our students with a Regents diploma. Our teachers are always available to our students and parents by email for any questions or concerns they might have. We pride ourselves on our 1:14 teacher to student ratio, which allows our faculty to develop a more personal academic bond with our students. Faculty members and their contact information can be found in the Faculty directory.

From Green Tech FB- Paul Miller and Kare

Former Principal, Dr. Paul Miller stands with 2020 Valedictorian, Kareem Leslie.



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