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Green Tech’s Athletics program has been a thing of local pride, but has also attracted students from far and wide who have the talent to go the distance. Our unique frat structure and dedicated coaches are the secret to the student-athletes that graduate every year. Students who have an eye on going pro choose Green Tech for the chance to raise their game and get the attention of Division One recruiters. Not only do we have a solid reputation, including an AA Basketball victory, we offer a full compliment of varsity and junior varsity opportunities for an array of sports including our new official eSports League.

Green Tech player jumping in air with ball for a jump shot
Green Tech Eagle basketball mascot

Many of our students go on to receive sports scholarships which go a long way in taking them to a new level of achievement in life. While they are here, we try to impart to them the discipline and character they will need to meet the increasingly difficult challenges life throws every person’s way. We go the extra mile to help them develop their unique talents and the skills they need to self-reflect and meet the game of life with their best foot forward. 

We are proud of our talented players, of their team spirit, showmanship, and dedication. We remain proud of our alumni, some of whom have gone on to play college football and basketball and to make their dreams reality. We hope we can count on you to come out and support the students that make our proud athletic legacy a reality year by year and game by game.

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