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Extracurricular Activities

Green Tech's esports team with their flag

Green Tech's 2019 eSports Team

Clubs & Activities at Green Tech

Green Tech High is proud to offer a multitude of programs and clubs for students to participate in. From our victorious athletic programs to student and faculty run clubs, there is something for every student to find interest in. We have a very strong understanding of the importance of outside-the-classroom engagement for our students. These programs offer a space where students can explore their interests, develop new hobbies, and excel outside the academic realm as well as provide a positive social experience with their peers and faculty members. The students learn leadership skills, team building skills, and responsibility for things they care about. Check out the list of extracurricular Green Tech has to offer!

examples of art work and models created by students
Arts Club

Graphic and Industrial Design club allows students to meet with fellow artists while honing their skills.

Advisor: TBA | Email: TBA| Meets: Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm

Marching Band Performance in Albany Juneteenth Parade
Marching Band, Drum Line, & Recording Studio

The marching band and drum line perform at various schools functions, sporting events and community events as well. Green Tech Recording Studio enables students to create and record their own original music with the use of professional equipment.

Advisor: Mr. Spencer | Email: | 

Meets: In-School Elective & After School Practices

National Honor Society together on stage with their certificates
National Honor Society

To be inducted into the National Honor Society, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher by their junior year; must complete an application process regarding the four pillars of the National Honor Society: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character; Interview in front of teacher panel and club advisers. Students must maintain high academic standing, display amazing character, complete volunteer projects and try to be leaders in the classroom.

Advisor: Ms. Campbell | Email: | Meets: TBA

Students play chess against eachother
Chess Club

The Chess Club allows students to improve their skills in the game of chess while making new friends along the way. Chess is a great workout for mental skills such as creative thinking and problem-solving. Students learn to think ahead, evaluate multiple alternatives and anticipate consequences. 

Advisor: TBA | Email: TBA | Meets: Wednesday 4:14-5:45 

eSports Game Club

The eSports club allows students to be in a relaxed setting and enjoy themselves. It’s a perfect opportunity for the students to socialize with other students who have similar interests in gaming. Esports is the wave of the present and the future. The gaming industry has grown exponentially in the last few years opening up career opportunities in almost every corner of the industry. This includes going Pro and playing games like NBA2K and so much more for a living. Colleges are expanding their own eSports teams and offering lucrative scholarships to talented students that can help them pay for higher education.

Advisor: TBA| Email: TBA

Meets: Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm




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