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High school is an important rite of passage for every young person, but as you know, a young man’s education is a tool that builds a bridge between youth and early adulthood. The College Counseling office is dedicated to helping each and every Green Tech student connect to the best school after graduation. Each student is paired with a counselor to meet one-on-one to explore options, assist with applications, and help access important scholarships as well as prepare for life after graduation. 


The office hosts multiple college tours and instant admission days where local colleges come to GTH to meet with students and choose admission status that same day. In case a student is having trouble envisioning his post-high school path, all seniors at GTH are required to meet with Hudson Valley Community College and Schenectady County Community College to give every opportunity to help him progress.


In addition, all juniors and seniors attend a college fair at both HVCC and SCCC in spring of their junior years and fall of their senior years. This ensures that students are deeply familiar with these important local institutions, a thing that is important for any student graduating from high school. As many students are the first in their family to attend college, this is especially critical and an important event for both students and parents alike. 


With the generous support of donors and special budgetary allotments, we are able to assure every student has the opportunity to find, apply, and enroll in a college best suited for them. 


We are proud to boast that our college acceptance rate is 100%.

Overwhelmed by the process of your son applying to colleges? Green Tech uses Naviance Family Connection to assist students and parents with the college research and college application process. Naviance is an efficient and near-paperless system for processing and submitting college application materials to a college or university. 

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School Counselors

Ms. Joycelyn Childs
School Counselor

Mrs. Erika Lewis
School Counselor

Ms. Crystal  Campbell
School Counselor, Service Learning Coordinator



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