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Our strategy for safety and success.

Reopening Update:

Dear Families & Valued Members of the Green Tech Community,

Thank you for your feedback. Knowing your needs and concerns allows us to take the best possible course of action to respond to the ongoing crisis that our community faces together. Please know that our number one concern is to ensure that we do not lose a single member of our community to this tragedy. We also have a continued and passionate commitment to the young men of Albany, to meeting them where they are and providing them with an education and community that takes them the distance.


Currently, we have two educational paths, a hybrid version with days on and off-campus, and a fully remote version that drastically increases the safety of each and every person. If you would like to know more about either of those paths, please click on this link for the most updated version of our reopening handbook.

When you enroll your son, he will automatically be assigned a hybrid schedule. If you prefer remote learning, just send an email with your preference to and it’s as easy as that. We provide Chromebooks for students.

Please know that as conditions change, that we always go the extra mile for our young men and our community. Check back here for continued updates.


Dear Families & Valued Members of the Green Tech Community,

While the COVID crisis has been experienced globally, it is no secret that some communities are affected more than others. Challenges that provide obstacles for some families to create impossibilities for others. The issues facing Black and minority families describe some of the most challenging in the U.S. and the data can be unclear on how schools play a role in keeping Albany families safe and finding our way through. 

As the community of New York State works together to determine a way forward for students across the state, we have steadily been working at creating several approaches to re-open for a successful 2020-21 year. We've used the best of our administrative expertise, we've employed some of the very academic skills we teach these young men --math and science-- to flesh out how we can meet that goal, the risks, and the necessities such as take-no-prisoners cleaning strategies and class-size approach. We've also relied on our deep understanding of the families of Green Tech to anticipate your needs.


We have some great strategies on the table. But it doesn't replace your voice. I invite you to take this survey, to let us know your needs so that, when the time comes, we can have in place the best strategy to help Albany's young men go the distance.


Dr. Paul Miller

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Dr. Ericka Johnson-Allen and Dr. Paul Miller discuss the responsibilities of leadership in reopening schools on the Vulnerable Voices Podcast, Season One, Episode Four.