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How long does the enrollment process take?

The time frame varies for each scholar. The sooner we have all the requested enrollment documents, the quicker we can proceed to the next steps in the enrollment process!

Enrollment Timeline:

Open enrollment begins in January. Families will begin to submit enrollment applications along with the NYS documents. (Ex; parent/guardian photo ID, Scholar’s birth certificate, updated Physical and Immunization records, and 2 current proofs of address (within the past 30 days).

Once all of the required enrollment documents have been submitted, academic records will be requested in June from your scholar’s previous school. There will be a waiting period. Once the academic records have been received, they are given to the academic counselors and Special Education Coordinators for review.

Once the student academic file review is completed, a list of accepted and waitlisted students is generated, and letters are mailed out to all prospective families. Families will also receive a phone call from Mrs. Slaughter, the Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator, notifying them of their scholar’s enrollment status.

*NOTE* Unforeseen circumstances may cause delays, we ask for your patience if this does occur!



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