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US History

Social Studies

1 credit

US History is a year-long course analyzing the origins of the American nation in the Founding Era and the Civil War and then concentrates on the emergence of the modern era from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in 1870 to the fall of communism in 1989 and into the present. The course prepares students to grapple with fundamental questions concerning the history of the United States from the proper role of government in a representative democracy to the role of social movements in shaping the character of the American experience. Close attention will be paid to the role of America in world affairs as well as examining how the economic conditions and policies have shaped the response of government and ordinary citizens alike. At the conclusion of the course students will have a ready command of the details of American history, allowing them both the historical perspective to comment on particulars as well as inform their thinking regarding current issues, preparing them for the focus on American Government and Economics in the 12th grade.

About the Course

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