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10th Grade Literature

English Language Arts

1 credit

This course will introduce students to sections of the NYS ELA Regents Examination and help them gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Exam (taken in 11th grade); enhance students' ability to think critically and analytically; familiarize students with various works of literature from a variety of sources; familiarize students with how to conduct research and how to write a research paper using MLA format; and strengthen writing skills, with an emphasis on grammar and style. During class sessions, students can expect to have vocabulary practice, journaling and discussion, reading assignments in class and assigned for homework to be followed by quizzes and tests, and practice with grammar, mechanics, and style. A substantial amount of time will be dedicated to student-centered instruction in various forms. Lessons will range from lecture and discussion to dramatic readings to student chosen projects.

About the Course

Prerequisite courses:

Literature 9



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