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Which Frat are you?


One of Green Tech’s best kept secrets are our frats. We have a rich tradition of four historic fraternities named for the historic Black colleges and Universities who have stood for achievement and excellence for generations. In your first days of starting school, all new students are sorted into a fraternity they will call home with opportunities to connect with other young men in their frat, show frat spirit, and build a fun and lasting brotherhood. Finding out which frat you will belong to is part of the excitement of your journey here at Green Tech. 


Each frat is known for its own special qualities it takes its name from. But whichever Frat you end up calling home, you will be strengthened by your brothers. Together, you head to a bright future and belong to something bigger than you. 


…Which Frat are you?

More Freedom


A Holistic Approach to Education

We are at the start of something new and exciting at Green Tech with an innovative, open campus and Community Hour. At Green Tech we require a lot from our students, but we go above and beyond in providing innovative ways for a young man to experience freedom and practice responsibility. 

4 Days on Campus, Traditional School Learning

1 Day Virtual Schooling on Fridays

Innovative Open Campus + Community Hour and exclusive clubs 

Green Tech is known for teaching a young man discipline and safe-guarding him from harmful choices. In this journey, he needs hands-on-training in an informed environment to integrate what he learns. Our new campus model is designed to focus all of his academic and extracurricular activities into four full days on site. It will feature an open campus community hour at lunch where a student can be free to participate in clubs (including our new eSports Official league) , socialize with teachers and students, or get lunch where he chooses (without our administrative body losing track of him). We recognize that a young man needs discipline, but he also needs as much freedom as he can handle. This unique campus experience will go a long way into giving him the reins he needs through exploration and accountability.

Virtual Fridays are a mandatory school day but students will attend classes from the comfort of their home. This is a tried and proven education model that has met with great success this last year. On Fridays, students meet with their advisory teachers, and have instructor-led services to help them get ahead on grades, as well as school-wide virtual assemblies. We use the day to take a holistic approach to education, focusing on our young men’s social and  emotional development. 


There is an added level of advantage to our Virtual Friday approach. By maintaining a part of the unique teaching structures we created to address COVID, we remain at the ready to deliver the highest standard of education for our young men no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Focus on Gaming


At Green Tech we have a reputation for academic and athletic excellence and our newest frontier is in the field of eSports. We’re launching a new official eSports VARSITY team where students will have a chance to compete on state of the art gaming equipment, play the newest games, and have chances to win scholarship and prize money in local and nationwide tournaments. 


Black, brown, and lower income young men are underrepresented in the world of amateur and professional eSports but they are not underrepresented in talent. The world of eSports is booming, with the NBA starting it’s own NBA2K pro league and investors from all over the world pouring opportunities into this growing field. At Green Tech, we’re here to close the gap, to put the control…and the controller in our students hands and help them achieve their dreams.

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