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Come see the new Green Tech

Text reads: we go the extra mile so that he can go the distance. letters are in a varsity style font.

Which Frat are you?

Which frat are you?

One of Green Tech’s best kept secrets are our frats. We have a rich tradition of four historic fraternities named for the historic Black colleges and Universities who have stood for achievement and excellence for generations. In your first days of starting school, all new students are sorted into a fraternity they will call home with opportunities to connect with other young men in their frat, show frat spirit, and build a fun and lasting brotherhood. Finding out which frat you will belong to is part of the excitement of your journey here at Green Tech. 


Each frat is known for its own special qualities it takes its name from. But whichever Frat you end up calling home, you will be strengthened by your brothers. Together, you head to a bright future and belong to something bigger than you. 


…Which Frat are you?