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Welcome Home

to Green Tech


We Go The Extra Mile, So That

He Can Go The Distance


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A school is more than a hall with books. It is where your son will grow to become a man. At Green Tech High, he will hone the character that makes him a success. The skills he learns here will take him through life no matter what road he chooses to go down.


You have choices and Green Tech is a choice that can take your son the distance.

At Green Tech High, your son will thrive. He will know he is valued and work in a community that brings out his best. This is not only a community of excellent teachers, but the students value each other, too. It's part of the school culture we've crafted.


Teachers and staff know every child and parent by name. Over the years, parents watch their class clown learn how to inspire others. They watch their “quiet-type” find confidence and display leadership.

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"We take them from boys to young men, to men..."

-Dr. Paul Miller, CEO

Albany's College Prep Choice


With small, student-centered classes, GTH has a hard-won reputation. We create academic success for students in ways other schools fail them. There is no school in the Capitol region more committed to your son’s success.


Our graduation rate is proof positive of that commitment. Over 95% of Green Tech students graduate with a High School diploma that opens the doors to life. That’s no small feat, especially since the young men here are so diverse and from many walks of life. We have a 100% College acceptance rate. It doesn't stop there. Green Tech graduates have pulled down more than 15 million dollars in scholarships.


The secret? Your son is not a statistic, he’s not a number in our books, he's part of our community.

No Entrance Exam Required

There are no entrance exams to determine whether your son is qualified for our school. We're more concerned with doing the rigorous work to make sure he is qualified for college and beyond.


We work longer and harder than any other school out there to make success a reality for every style of learner. Every aspect of the school, from teachers to programs, and the structure of his day is built to take him to the finish line.


Students of GTH comment that we demand a lot from them, but we’re with them every step of the way. Shouldn’t a school do that?

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Athletic Excellence


Green Tech High has a reputation for athletic excellence. Many of our student-athletes go on to play sports throughout their college career. Division one recruiters are not strangers to our games.


We have crafted an approach for young athletes to excel at the sports they love. We partner this with an equal focus in academics so that they have every option in life.


Students who never considered themselves academically focused learn to carry a good GPA. They come to see their schoolwork and sports as two important legs that hold up a strong and healthy life.


"A boy needs someone to take care of them. 

A young man can take care of himself.

A man can take care of others."

-Dr. Paul Miller, CEO


In the game of living, your son won’t get to control everything that comes his way. Character creates success.


But success can’t only be about the GPA, about the money he makes, or the trophies he acquires. We empower our students to not only grow but to give back. That’s the difference. When you couple character with community, it creates purpose and purpose creates joy.

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COVID never stopped our commitment. Here is how Green Tech High has stepped up to the task.

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