Student Handbook

Ensuring good conduct and a culture of achievement is essential to improved student learning and achievement. Similar to other high-performing charter high schools, Green Tech High will reinforce a value system of high expectations beginning with the general requirement that all the students must be gentlemen by behaving responsibly and honestly, focusing on learning and achievement, and showing kindness and respect to adults, other students, themselves, and school property.

These “non-negotiables” manifest themselves in the school building by students attending class on time, being ready to learn; studying and reading continuously; following the dress code (what to wear and how to wear it); knowing and doing all assigned homework; and turning off and putting away all electronic devices while in school; to name a few.

Please refer to the Green Tech High Charter School “Student Handbook” for complete information on student rules and expectations.

Please refer to the Updated Tardy Policy this letter has been sent out to parents/guardians and will be added to the Student Handbook

Spring Dress code

Please refer to this document for Spring dress code attire:

Spring dress code