Attention 2021 Seniors: Here is an update on graduation: Guidelines

You are responsible for reading all materials related to college admissions requirements, college and test deadlines, and financial aid opportunities for all of the colleges you are thinking about and will be applying to.


  • Continue taking a rigorous course schedule. Make sure that you are taking challenging classes academically including AP and Honors classes in your best subjects.


  • Check your transcript for accuracy. Make sure that everything on your transcript is correct.


  • Complete “Senior Questionnaire” in Naviance, to assist your school counselor in writing a letter of recommendation on your behalf.


  • Complete the blue FERPA form in Naviance. (“Colleges’ > “Colleges I’m Applying to”)


  • Will you take/re-take the SAT or ACT?  If so, register. Register for the SATat Register for the ACT at  If you qualify for free and/or reduced lunch, you can get a fee waiver. If you plan on playing sports in college, make sure to add the NCAA Eligibility Code “9999,” while registering for the ACT and SAT.


  • Narrow your list of colleges. Search for scholarships.


  • Ask for letters of recommendation from your teachers. Have you written a note to your teachers, to help them write a letter of recommendation on your behalf? If so, make sure to email your teachers through Naviance (“Colleges” –> “Colleges I’m Applying to”–> Teacher Add/Cancel Request.)


  • Write, rewrite, and revise your college essays. See your English teacher and school counselor for help with this!


  • Review your college plans with a school counselor.


  • Finalize your list of colleges where you will apply.  8-10 schools are enough. If you are applying to Common App schools, please register at


  • Have you memorized your social security number? If not, memorize it!


  • Do you know the admissions requirements for each school you’re applying to? (test scores, interviews, essays, recommendations, etc…) Make sure that you have, and do, all that is required to apply to each school.


  • What are the application deadlines for each school? Know them. Will you consider early decision or early action? Some schools have deadlines as early as November 1st!


  • Does your school require the CSS/PROFILE financial aid form? If so, file the CSS/PROFILE at (keyword search: CSS/PROFILE). This form requires 3 years of tax information from your parents.


  • Have you let us know, via Naviance, what colleges you’ve applied to? Please let us know, so that we can send your transcript and recommendations and additional supplemental materials to each school you’ve applied to. (“Colleges”–> “Colleges I’m Applying to,” add the colleges to your list. Once added to list, click box next to college name and click “Move to Application List.” Click the “Request transcript” and “I’ve already applied” boxes, and then click “Update Applications”) Please do your part by informing us electronically, so that we can do our part.


  • What financial aid forms are required for your schools? When do they need to be submitted?


  • Have your parents gathered the tax forms from this year? You’ll need it to file the FAFSA in a few weeks.


  • Search for scholarships: is a great resource! The counseling office publishes scholarship newsletters every few months.







  • File FAFSA at (soon after January 1). PARENTS OF SENIORS: You will need to file your taxes as soon as you receive your W2. You will need your tax information to fill out the FAFSA.




  • Search for scholarships.


  • Expect to receive acceptance and/or rejection letters from colleges. Be on the lookout for financial aid award letters and housing information from each college you’ve been accepted to.



  • Compare and analyze financial aid award letters. Consider appealing an award letter if you really want to attend that school.


  • Notify all colleges of your decision (to attend/not attend) and accept one by the universal May 1st deadline. Send enrollment deposit.


  • Send thank you letters to all those who have helped you along the way.


  • Graduate from Green Tech!


  • Search for scholarships.




  • Fill out and send housing forms, roommate info and any other required paperwork.


  • Register for and attend Orientation at your college.


  • Get a summer job to help you earn some extra money.


  • Search for scholarships.


  • Pat yourself on the back! Job well done.

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