Mathematics is the study of numbers, logic, change, shapes, structures, and more.  It is the most abstract field of study, which makes it about nothing in particular, but applicable to everything imaginable.  Green Tech offers a variety of paths to developing the mathematical skills students will need in academics, the workplace, and life in general.


The core mathematics courses are Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus.  However, numerous other supplementary courses are offered, which serve as introductions to, transitions between, or advanced study in the core courses.



Paul de Barros

Department Chair
Chief Statistician


Michael Burgess

Inegrated Algebra I, Intermediate Algebra 10, Algebra II/Trigonometry

Barbara Fiddemon

Honors & Regents Integrated Algebra I, Intermediate Trigonometry

Marisa Fedele

Algebra A
Exploring Algebra with Technology 

Shane Bromberg-Bodie

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