Dr. Miller, Bio

Dr. Paul Miller is the Principal and CEO of Green Tech High Charter School, a highly successful school for boys in Albany, NY. An expert in urban education, Dr. Miller has specialized in school reform and redesign for over fifteen years, counseling school officials and administrators on effective strategies to increase student performance and establish a culture of success. He has committed his life to change the undoing the trend of academic underachievement that often plagues inner-city, minority males. This passion did not begin with his professional career, but was implanted in him as youth growing up in the projects of Rochester, NY. Similar to many of his students, Dr. Miller understands the challenges that often knock young minority men off-course and hinder their ability to reach their full potential. However, he teaches young men not to be victims, but to use adversity as fuel to succeed and rise above their circumstances.

Dr. Miller holds an Ed.D in Executive Leadership and a Masters of Education Administration from St. John Fisher College. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Dr. Miller has 10+ years in the urban public education  system; specializing in school redesign and reform, creating effective change for schools through collaborative missions, visions, and teamwork. He has seven years of administrative experience as an Assistant Principal of  a Small Learning Community, Operations/Safety/ Security, and Summer School Principal.

Additionally, Dr. Miller has three years of executive experience as Director of Operations for Team E Foundation, a not-for-profit organization.  Dr. Miller has been successful at operating and organizing all aspects of the nation’s largest cash paying street ball basketball tournament, which raises funds to provide full tuition scholarships for inner city youth who deserve a second chance.  Dr. Miller worked for the Student Arts Foundation, a not-for-profit organization (pending tax exempt status) to develop its business model and operate its daily functions.


Improving Mindsets to Promote Success

Since taking over at Green Tech in 2012, Dr. Miller has turned the school into one of the best in New York State. Under his leadership, graduation rates have reached 94% with a 100% college acceptance rate for graduates. In addition, students have earned over $13 million in scholarships, compared to only $20, 000 before he arrived. Dr. Miller has been recognized by the city of Albany as a Man of Valor, and as one of the top 40 Under 40 African American Leaders by the City of Rochester, among many other accomplishments. He is often invited to speak to students and offer insight and strategic counsel to school leaders on improving school systems and more effectively engaging students. Dr. Miller is steadily emerging as one of the top urban education experts in the country.

Dr.Miller’s mission is to educate as many people as possible in a variety of different ways, including his written works. He is currently the author of two books, “We need to do Better: Changing the Mindset of Children through Family, Community and Education,” and “Cyber bullying: Breaking the Cycle of Conflict.”

Dr. Miller proclaims that his biggest professional accomplishment came when a student wrote him a letter saying that he was her hero. The student was elated that Dr. Miller organized an effort to charter a bus and take teachers to parents to discuss the student’s academic success during parent teacher conference night. The student expressed that most educators wait for parents to come to them, but Dr. Miller is willing to go to the parents. Additionally, the student thanked Dr. Miller because he always finds ways to go the extra mile for his students.